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Internet Telephony

What It Is

Internet telephony allows you to make long distance or local telephone calls over the Internet. By visiting one of the many web sites offering Internet long distance, you can use your PC to call either a regular telephone or another PC connected to the Internet.

An Internet phone call is initiated by logging on to an Internet telephony web site and entering the telephone number (for PC-to-Phone) or user name (for PC-to-PC) of the person you wish to call. The call is connected in a few seconds. Your voice typcially interfaces to your PC through its sound card.

Some benefits of Internet telephony include:

  • Internet phone calls cost significantly less than traditional phone calls, and in some cases are free.

  • Internet calls are made using your Internet connection, so you can make voice calls while dialed-in to your Internet service.

  • If you have a DSL or cable Internet connection, Internet telephony effectively gives you a second phone line using your high-speed connection.

  • Internet telephony makes possible new services such as voice chat.

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