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If the other person cannot hear you:

First, follow the steps in the section "Checking the Installation".

You should follow the steps in this section if:

  • You can hear the person that you are calling, but the person you are calling cannot hear you;
  • you went through the steps of checking the installation with the Sound Recorder but did not see a signal in the Sound Recorder window.

Step 1. Check that the red microphone plug of the handset cable is connected to the microphone input jack of your PC sound card. If you are not sure which jack of your PC sound card is the microphone jack, check the documentation for your computer of sound card. The microphone jack may have a microphone icon near it, or may be designated by a red color.

Step 2. Check that the PC microphone volume is adjusted to a sufficient level. At the bottom of your computer screen, double click on the speaker icon, or in the Start menu select "Programs", "Accessories", "Entertainment" (or "Multimedia"), "Volume Control".

Upon selecting "Volume Control", the Master Out panel will appear. It will be similar to the following:

Note that the Master Out panel on your computer may have fewer or more controls, and they may be labeled differently.

Click on "Options", then "Properties". Then select "Recording" as shown below:

After selecting "Recording", you will see a list of options, each having a selection box to the left. Look for the box labeled "Microphone". If you do not see "Microphone", use the scroll bar to scroll down until it is visible. Make sure the box to the left of "Microphone" is checked. Leave the other boxes as you found them.

Click "OK". The "Recording" control panel then will be displayed and will look like the following:

This panel is similar to the "Master Out" panel, but its controls are for inputs rather than outputs. Note that the top bar of the panel is titled, "Recording Control" or something similar. If the bar is titled "Master Out", then "Recording" probably was not selected in the previous step, and you need to go back and select it. Your computer's recording control panel may have fewer or more controls, and may be labeled differently. However, the panel should have a control labeled "Microphone". If it does not, you need to go back to the recording properties and check the microphone box.

Once you have the "Recording Control" panel displayed, under the column labeled "Microphone", make sure that the "Mute" box is not checked. Some systems may use "Select" instead of mute, in which case you need to make sure that it is selected. Then, move the volume slider upward to increase the volume.

Step 3. Go through the steps of "Checking the Installation." If you still have no sound, you may need to re-install the driver for your sound card. Check the website of your sound card manufacturer for the latest driver for your model of sound card.

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